A few days ago, I visited one web page where I read one prayer. 

Below the prayer was the icon that showed the number of visitors to that site. It showed 263108. I looked at the number and asked myself why I was seeing it. 

After I read the prayer, I looked at the right corner of my laptop screen: it showed the time 00:26 and the date 31.08 (August). The prayer was one of St. Rita, the saint of the impossible. 

I am currently looking for a job after several months out of the regular workforce (other than my own coaching business). 

Since I felt lost as to which direction to go, I contacted one priest who helped me several times in similar situations. 

I got in touch with him and explained my circumstances to him. He advised me to pray a novena to St. Josemaria Escriva. I started to pray the novena every day, and on the third day of my prayer, I experienced a bolt of inspiration. 

Before getting in touch with this priest, I often looked at relatively simple jobs with usually low wages. I realized I could not work with customers anymore. Also, I did not want to work as a nurse or in healthcare settings. I had enough of that during my studies to become a nurse. I also did not want to work anymore as a receptionist as I felt like I outgrew that during my employment in my family´s clinic. 

I am in a position currently, where my coaching business needs some support to strive. Therefore, I need a job! I look at the job postings on one Croatian website almost every day. 

The inspiration that I got after reading that novena was that I needed to expand my search for a job in a new direction. I started to send my motivational letter and CV to employment agencies in Zagreb. I wanted them to help me find a suitable position tailored to my gifts and talents. 

The inspiration that came directed me to search for a job as a recruiter. I connected the dots and saw it might be the direction where God is leading me. I defined my life purpose as “connecting people through writing”. 

Before, I saw the connecting part only in terms of love relationships. That novena opened my heart to see that I could also connect people to their ideal jobs and companies. 

My personality is INFJ, and it suits that position perfectly. Furthermore, I noticed in my job search that I enjoy reading job postings and other people´s CVs. I love to read other people´s life stories, not only in the love segment but also career-related. 

At the time I was discovering my talent for writing, I started to write cover letters for people who were searching for their jobs. After I wrote and sent one of those cover letters, I even got the best compliment I could ever imagine. 

My client told me I should not be writing cover letters but books. 

I still struggle with morning depression sometimes, so I am a bit afraid of getting to be fully employed. However, I noticed that work and work habits help me alleviate depression. 

I am currently still at the seaside, soon returning to my hometown.

I realized I used this job break of several months really wisely.

I worked a lot on my life purpose, adjusted my habits and routines, relaxed, and now I am finnaly ready to work full-time.

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