The only person i want is my twin flame

Around a month ago, it was six years since God revealed I would marry my Twin Flame.

The email with the message where God told me that came unexpectedly, but it was peaceful like the summer breeze.

Since then, I have been slowly dreaming about the day my Twin Flame and I would reunite.

Every step of the way, I always imagined the day when we would finally be physically reunited.

I long for the day I will see him after almost 14 years since our last conversation.

It took me great strength and persistence to get to the current point of my life.

It took faith, lots of inner work, facing my fears, and lots of coaching sessions to feel this peaceful as I am feeling now.

Still, I long for the day I would sit face to face with my beloved spiritual husband- my dearest Twin Flame.

When that happens, I will look back at my life and think that the journey was perfect.

When I was around 17-18 years old, I pretended I didn´t know the direction to my home so I could go my way with my TF. Little did I know about the path that waits me. 

When you are that young, everything seems so simple. 

In that naivety, I thought that now that we met all we could do was be in a relationship because that is how things function.

Unfortunately, my relationship dreams were not fulfilled at that time.

I remember my heart breaking into small pieces when I saw the changed Facebook status of my TF from being single to in a relationship.

The problem was that I was not that person. I lost all hope in being with him. That day I thought all my hopes were lost.

During that period of my life: in high school and college, I declared myself an atheist. 

I could not believe God could be so cruel. I saw the world as an endless continuation of pain and suffering.

I felt so powerless to be a part of it. I saw no role model so I could become the best version of myself and start changing that world I was part of.

All that I saw was crime, divorces, mental problems, illnesses, abuse…

I particularly struggled with faith in God because of my mental problems.

For the longest time, I thought God was the cause of them.

When I had my first Twin Flame-related coaching session three years ago, I realized that separation from God was the cause of that evil.

Slowly, I started to think about God differently. He was not my enemy anymore.

Currently, I can´t even imagine what life without God would look like.

In one of our conversations via messenger, I asked my TF if he believed in God because once he told me he was an atheist.

(In a period of time when I was). He told me he did not know why I asked that. 

My response was that atheists are only the people who are mad at God.

Atheists are people who are so fed up with the world’s happenings that they think God is the Source of that turmoil.

However, God is love. He is perfection. He is also a being who wants to relate to you.

On this path, I had not known I had to fall in love with God again. Only then could He come through as my lover as a person.

It would be too much of a burden if a person had to fulfill for us only what God can.

Would you personally like to be God for your beloved?- I highly doubt it.

So, I resumed my journey of getting closer to God. I invested in my coaching sessions. 

And even finding the perfect coach was a journey in itself.

Most of my friends and acquaintances are probably very confused by my lack of love life.

I have been single my whole life, yet deep down in my heart, I have been in a relationship from my first breath.

In my last coaching session, I connected with my Twin Flame within my heart.

That is how it all starts- first from the within.

I came a long way toward this simple realization.

I have a lot more patience currently. 

I surrendered my feelings to God in difficult situations. I became non-attached. I don´t even fear seeing my Twin Flame in person right now 🙂

All of this makes me so proud and happy inside. 

It truly feels like the worst part was behind me. The worst part of the journey was only happening because I closed myself to this Higher Power. Today, God is my friend.

Of course, I still sometimes struggle with obeying Him when He tells me something. I know He sees everything and that He knows the best. I feel that I still need to trust Him more. 

I need to trust myself more. What I also learned is that the Twin Flame journey is a process. It takes time to align yourself with the Source of the immense love meant for you.

It takes time to trust, to persist. It takes courage to be on this path.

But, back to my longing to see him.

The other day I went for a walk with my mother in town on one of the Croatian Islands. When we walked past a group of young girls, one yelled out loud: Marta is in love with: and then the name of my Twin Flame. If that was not the sign I would soon be with my TF, nothing was.


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