Every Twin Flame journey is different, yet most Twin Flames go through similar challenges. 

Why is the Twin Flame journey challenging, and how can you make it easier for yourself?- Read this blog post to find out more.

Twin Flame journey is a spiritual path that leads you to your Highest good- to a reunion with everything you desire. 

However, on this path, you have to get clear on what in particular you desire: for your wishes will be fulfilled. 

Are you looking for the fulfillment of your heart´s desires or the ones of your ego? You can´t serve both masters. 

When you choose fear, you are not including love in your life and vice versa. Challenges usually stem from conflicting these two choices. 

You might think that it is easier to pursue fear, at least that is what your mind keeps telling you. You feel unsure about following your heart. How can you trust it? If asked to choose between life or death, what would you choose?- If you are reading this, I assume you must be choosing love. 

However, you stumble when the same choice about following your heart appears. Yes, it is challenging to follow your heart´s way, but it leads you to your good, to the fulfillment of your deepest longings and wishes. The real question is: are you so afraid of success that you decide to let yourself down again and again? Do you think it is safer to choose fear and pain, for at least that is so familiar to you? 

Ego wants to trick you into believing its sweet lies. However, they are not as sweet as they seem to be. Soon they become poisonous. 

You are placed on this planet to fight the challenges by listening to that silent whisper of your heart. That is the voice of the truth. That voice leads you in the right direction. 

However, you have to be patient enough to listen to it. Ego´s voice is always louder (and prouder), but it is misleading. The path to Hell is paved with the right intentions. 

Just because others seem to be doing it- does not mean that was the right choice for you. Someone can be living a heavenly life for the observers but suffer deeply inside. You never know what is in a person’s heart. 

You only know what is in yours. And what a great silence to find out is needed and what a privilege it is. Your heart does not want to deceive you- only your ego wants that. 

The real challenge on this journey is about the choice of who to listen to. Would you go in the direction of destruction or life? 

Find the truth within you, and it will set you free. Spend time with yourself in the silence, stay present with your feelings, and pay attention to your heart space. What is it whispering to you now? 

Disengage from the behaviors that do not serve you. Focus on what is important. 

What is your greatest wish?- Will you follow it? 

Your dreams are in your hands- that is the only truth you need to know.

Are you ready to live your life?

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