This article is for you if you:

-feel a disconnect from yourself

-feel like you are not in tune with your feelings

– if you keep thinking obsessive thoughts about how to get back to “normal life”

– if you feel like you can´t enjoy anything

-had traumatic experiences (you might not be aware of them)

Depersonalization is an uncomfortable condition of feeling separated from yourself, your emotions, and the people close to you. It often appears first after a traumatic event. It can linger for a short or long period of time. It usually gets worse when you try to fight it hard. For it to pass you have to get again in tune with yourself. However, just because of the nature of this disorder, that can seem very hard- if not impossible. To recover, recognize first that depersonalization is nothing to be afraid of. It is just your body’s way of coping with difficulties. At one point life became too stressful for you, so your body put a veil of protection over you. Do you feel safe now to have it taken down? Look deep into your heart to get the answers. In the depth of your own heart lies the solution. Not in reading endless articles on this topic. You can´t find the solution to your very own problem outside of yourself. You feel lost because other people´s opinions have become stronger than your own. You gave your power away, but now you wish to have it back. Why do you feel so disconnected- you ask yourself when your day starts again. You fight your state of mind with the last atom of strength. You see your body and your mind as your enemies. You restlessly work on finding the solution to your problem called depersonalization. You beat yourself down when another technique you read about is not quite working. Your heart is at the same time whispering to you- why don´t you listen to me? The solution to your problem lies in listening to your voice inside your heart. I can tell you the secret to recovery. It is about realizing on an emotional level that you are all well. It is about working for yourself and not against yourself. It is about taking responsibility for your own life. It is about finding the power within. It is about listening. It is about paying attention. It is about revealing the truth. It is about the comfort of being with yourself. Don´t avoid yourself, for then is when depersonalization sets in. It is about sitting with yourself as a best friend would do. It is about becoming that best friend for yourself. It is about finding your innocence again. It is about being a child of God. You are a perfect creation, so why do you think you would function imperfectly? It is about releasing the unwillingness to feel. It is about acceptance. It is about surrender, but you keep fighting it. In this way, you had started fighting yourself while fighting depersonalization. You are not your enemy. God is your ally. When you recognize that you are stronger than you think, depersonalization will not hold a chance against you. It would just disappear. It does not even exist, except for the power you give to it. Recognize that you are worthy of a great life, and the doors to the good feelings will magically open to you again. You are more powerful than you think. It is about accepting who you are. And you are perfect. Stop hiding from the world. Show your true self. And all will be well again 🙂

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