The Twin Flame path is also a spiritual path.
Consequently, all kinds of supernatural experiences can happen to a person on it.
The signs and synchronicities you experience can make you question your sanity.
It is also a hassle to explain those experiences to a person who is not fully on that path.
If you shared it with them, you fear they would label you as someone who is losing their mind.
Do you fear the love you feel for your Twin Flame is a kind of mental illness?
Or do you question yourself whether you can experience mental illness regarding your Twin Flame journey?
If you answered affirmative to these questions, this article is exactly what you need.

I switched several classes in several high schools when I was in my teenage years.
When I was 17, I was about to change my high school again. I had several schools that were an option to attend.
However, the mere choice of the right school seemed impossible.
I had friends in 3-4 high schools that I considered transferring to.
Each of them wanted me to join their class/school, so I became torn between where to go.
There was an option to go to a VII. gymnasium, and because I remembered reading that seven was a special number, I chose that school.
In that high school, I met my twin flame.
If I had to explain my choice to someone back then, it would seem crazy that it was made only by following my intuition.
From my teenage years, I would often follow the guidance of my intuition and the signs I was experiencing.
However, my experiences sometimes became blurred by getting out of touch with what reality is.
There was one day in medical school that was especially stressful.
That day, I felt like I did not belong in that class with my colleagues because of how pushed to the limit I felt.
Because of that, I started to search for other medical schools and their curriculum.
I was daydreaming about my relocation to the USA and attending medical school at Harvard.
Since I had remembered that Bill Gates attended that University, I wanted to reach out to him regarding my admission.
I found his email address online and sent him an email that I would like to attend Harvard.
Soon, I became delusional that I got enrolled in that medical school (even that Bill Gates helped me get in) and that I would be relocating to attend it.
When I shared “the happy news” with my parents, they drove 1.5 hours from my hometown where they lived to my place of residence.
I tried to explain my story, but they told me I needed to see a doctor – a psychiatrist.
I was really scared. However, I decided that I would go to the hospital, but only to tell my psychiatrist my story that I believed was true.
My doctor was not thrilled to hear my explanation as I imagined he would be, so he admitted me to the intensive care psychiatry ward.
It took me several months to recover from that episode. I remember the shame when I realized all of this was only a delusion.
I used to tell everyone I was moving to Boston to go to Harvard medical school. At that time, I had not known Harvard was located in Boston.
God was guiding me even through my illness. He told me Harvard was in Boston.
My twin flame journey was filled with many delusions. It was also filled with many signs that came true.
It is possible to experience mental illness when you are on your Twin Flame journey.
However, the love you feel for your Twin Flame is not just some form of insanity. If it were, only you would experience it.
Today, we see that more and more people are awakening to this spiritual path. That can provoke delusions, hallucinations, anxiety, and depression.
Undoubtedly, rest assured that all those feelings would serve you for your highest good in the end. My guru said once that disabilities are here because they are part of the critical lessons a person must learn.
The day I became delusional was the 7th of May 2011.
In the hospital, I got medications I had to take. Then I wondered how long I would stay on them.
When you become psychotic for the second time, just like I did, you have to take the meds for the following five years.
I wanted to console and encourage myself that I would get off them.
That is when I came by an idea.
There was one web page where you could send emails from the past to the future.
I decided to write myself a letter that I would stop taking meds five years from the 7th of May.
When I started to write an email, something changed within me.
Instead of getting off the medication´s email, I wrote myself that I would get married. In the letter, I told myself I would get married to someone special and that I already knew who it was.
I got that email on the 5th of July 2016 on my name-day just shortly after one lady confirmed my twin flame.
The two months email delay was because of the date difference between American and European dates.
My delusions helped me in getting clear who my twin flame was.
That confirmation was completely out of this world.
You see, God can make signs even out of delusions 🙂

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