will UNIVERSE reunite you with your twin flame in divine timing?

Should I try to send a message to my twin flame or wait for the divine timing?

When will divine timing reunite me with my twin flame and how long should I wait for it?

Is twin flame union achieved by free will or by divine timing? 

When will my union happen?

Is it okay to date other people while you wait for the divine timing?

If you are on your twin flame journey, you have probably asked yourself some of the above-mentioned questions.

You think that you only have to surrender to divine timing and allow the Universe to take over your situation.
You think that your union somehow magically happens- in Divine Timing. But what does that actually mean?
Do you think you can only sit still and wait until your time comes, and then you will be with your beloved one?

Does it mean that Universe does all the job in your reunion?
Why do you think Universe, your creator, God, or how ever else you would like to call that Higher Force, has then not yet reunited you with your Twin Flame?

Of course, your answer to this would be: “because it is not the right time yet”.
Many people who think that the Universe will somehow make union happen also think that time heals all the wounds.
I would like to ask you here: how does time exactly do this?
Because if you wait long enough- nothing will happen.

Time per se does not heal your wounds or illnesses- time combined with healing them with professional support does that.
You had not finished your college because time passed- you had finished it because you learned your lessons and passed the required exams.
It is the same with your Twin Flame Union: divine timing would not happen if you did not take guided steps along the way.
Of course, it is easier to believe that some force outside of you will make it happen for you. However, that only keeps you in the loop of waiting and inactivity. And waiting creates only more waiting.
In truth, you co-create with the Divine by listening to Holy Spirit´s nudges or your intuition, your inner compass, and taking the required action.

On my journey, sometimes taking that kind of action sounded crazy or in a more gentle saying- silly.
But I listened to those nudges most of the time, and they always guided me perfectly. I was led to proper schools, colleges, proper jobs, proper addresses, signs…
I did not just patiently wait sitting at home and waiting for my twin flame to appear on the doorstep. “Because God will make it happen”.
Also, if you are on the divine-timing-will-make-it-happen- side, you probably don´t want to text your DM because it is men´s job to pursue you.

However, I would like to mention here that it´s on whoever feels called to do so.
Females can initiate a conversation with their male counterparts and nothing is wrong with that.
Physical union with your twin flame happens when you take action and also do your inner work constantly.

I would recommend you nurture some form of spiritual life like going to masses, confessions, praying, reading the Bible.
I would also recommend you to enroll in Twin Flame ascension school because that is also God´s creation for Twin Flames.
I suggest you also to invest in twin flame coaching because really, be honest with yourself, if you knew how to have your union, you would already have it. A long time ago.


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