Often females are first drawn to search for the twin flame information. 

That is because females are often more interested in relationships and emotions. 

Even though it might seem your twin flame does not recognize the connection, they feel the same for you from the start.

Your twin flame is equally awakened as you are.

However, that often looks different than what you expect it to be!

I started to search for signs that the boy I had liked since high school was my twin flame around 7 years from meeting him.

Of course, I did not know the term twin flames then, so I looked up soulmate content first.

In one of the articles I read at that time: twin flames were mentioned. That is how I got introduced to twin flames. 

I found several articles on twin flames topic about the signs some person is your perfect complement.

I recognized the boy I secretly had a crush on since my high school days and who was my secret obsession for all those years as my twin flame.

Then one relationship intuitive confirmed to me he was indeed my twin flame.

However, she mentioned that I should work on myself because these types of relationships usually require a solid inner foundation first.

Then, God confirmed to me I would marry him!

Of course, I did not know what to do with that information, so I tried to make my relationship with him happen on my terms.

After that revelation, my obsession with this guy became only stronger.

I was still putting him on a pedestal, and that would have possibly lasted for an eternity hadn´t I been involved in a business scam that brought me back to God.

That was my wake-up call that there was something bigger to all of this!

I joined a Twin Flame school where the mirror exercise and inner work are taught. However, I still tried to do it my way. 

I thought I had to send my Twin Flame messages to see him.

I had tried to manipulate the physical world to meet my desires.

Guess what- that never worked!

After lots of trying of this kind, I finally realized not a while ago that I couldn´t make it happen on my own.

Before, because I was obsessed with him, I just could not let that control go.

It took me a lot of time and inner work to be happy on my own and not try to manipulate my way into the union.

Females are often the ones who try to make it happen. They text their divine masculines, initiate contact, try to go to the venues he hangs out…

I was guilty of all of this. It was mostly because I thought my twin flame would make me feel a certain way. 

I thought for a long time he was the source of my happiness. That he kind of “had” that good feeling I was looking for.

The turning point you reach with diligent inner work is when you accept that all you desire is within you already.

However, it is one thing to think your way to that realization and the other to feel it.

I often thought I didn´t desire anything from my twin flame, that I was ready to be with him. 

That I did not require anything from him.

If you still feel you need your twin flame in any way, you are not ready for your physical union.

When you feel deeply fulfilled and happy, that neediness vanishes away.

Then comes the desire to share that joy with your beloved.

And that is the tipping point you want to reach.

When you don´t need that love because you already have it. You just want to share your love with your beloved.

Cultivate those good feelings within, and the other has no other way than responding with your manifestation of the physical union.

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