Is your twin flame ignoring you?

God created you and your twin flame at the same time. That means you share the same consciousness (the matching soul blueprint). 

In this connection, one twin flame has divine feminine energy- and the other has divine masculine energy. 

These energies perfectly complement each other. You don´t need to balance feminine and masculine energies inside you. Because you are either 100% feminine or 100% masculine at the core.

Your twin flame does not have to complete you because you are already whole on your own.

However, you might start to believe you are not complete because you don´t feel good. 

Therefore you think something outside of yourself can make you feel better. That is never the case. 

Because of your misaligned thinking, you might start to “chase” your twin flame assuming they can give you something you are missing. That often means you start texting them, calling them or appearing at the venues where they usually hang out. Soon, you start to see them as the source of all the enjoyable feelings that you are currently not feeling.

Unfortunately, your twin flame can feel your energies when you try to get something from them. Since requiring something from them is not really attractive energy, they usually don´t respond well to that attempts. 

When they don´t respond to you in the desired way, you often say it is because they are the unawakened twin. It is easier to think the problem is on them! However, you and your twin flame are one, so they are equally awakened as you are. If your twin flame is not ready for this connection or communication between you, it means you are not prepared for it too.

If your twin flame does not reply to your texts, you might feel that is literally the end of the world. Instead of that negative thinking, I would like to invite you to see that there actually is communication happening. It is just not in the way you expected it would happen. 

The communication that is happening is the one in your feelings. You have to see the gift your twin flame is offering to you when he ghosts you. I invite you to explore how did that dismissal make you feel? 

You have to know that no communication is also communication. Sometimes not receiving a response from your twin flame is a bigger gift than texting you.

You might feel rejected, abandoned, lonely, sad, angry. All these feelings are completely valid and understandable. It can hurt a lot when someone you love so much shrugs you off. 

It is important to note once again that your twin flame really does love you. Your twin flame does not ignore you because they are a mean or bad person. They are not trying to make you suffer in any way.

You are only hurting because of your unmet expectations. You were expecting them to give you love, recognition, validation.

However, you can properly communicate with your twin flame only from a place of peace or love, not longing for fulfillment. 

Also, there has to be a deeper purpose for your communication with them. You and your twin flame were created with a purpose together. God has a certain plan for your union.

I often tried to connect with my twin flame via messages only because I knew he was my twin flame. 

There was no real purpose behind it besides seeking confirmation from him that he was indeed my twin flame. 

Not receiving a certain text from your twin flame does not mean they are not your perfect counterpart. This connection is much bigger than a few (not) exchanged messages.

It is good to have in mind that the twin flame connection is not like every other relationship.

Perhaps in your previous relationships, someone ignoring you would mean they did not like you. 

In the world of dating, many people simply play games with everyone. In those types of connections, your partners might ignore you for a certain amount of time, only to make you think they are “hard to get”. 

Or because they would like to appear more desirable. However, rest assured- that are not your twin flame´s intentions. 

Your twin flame often mirrors what is happening inside of yourself already.

They help you find out what uncomfortable feelings you are currently experiencing and trying to dismiss.

If they are currently not communicating with you, that shows you how you are not communicating somewhere within yourself.

In gaining this insight, lies your power.

Because then you can heal it.

However, it is good to know that healing your communication blocks often come in layers. 

Communication is often one of the biggest blocks in twin flame relationships.

That is why it often requires deep healing.

I am personally healing lots around my communication with my twin flame.

Healing often also requires a deep level of trust in your guidance from God.

I often reached out to my twin flame when I felt the nudge from God, but when my twin flame still had not responded.

I realized that exactly that was what I needed when I laid down my expectations on how our communication should have looked.

I invite you to look for the deeper nuances of your communication.

Release expectations.

Reach out when you feel guided and- trust God. 

He´s got your back.

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