Twin flames are often described as “two halves of the same soul”. However, they are not halves, but they are whole on their own. They share the same soul blueprint. 

Soulmates are people who can best be described as our brothers and sisters. Contrary to what other people believe about them, we are not meant to be in a romantic relationship with them.

Our twin flame is the person who is meant to be our friend, teacher, mentor, and romantic partner.

You are attracted to your twin flame on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level.

If you try to have a relationship with a soulmate, you won´t be attracted to them on all the levels like you would be with your twin flame.

However, many people try to date their soulmates because they see some of the characteristics of their twin flame in them.

What they are trying to accomplish is to find their twin flames.

It is often mentioned that twin flames are rare when every person has one.

For us to recognize them, we have to get to know ourselves. Also, we have to be on a spiritual path which means we have to follow the Divine call in our lives.

We have to look for specific signs and follow our intuition and Higher Power that guides us. 

Everyone can find their twin flame if they know themselves and if they decide to find them.

You only have one twin flame, and every other person in your life is your soulmate.

Soulmates are meant to be in your life for a specific time.

They can be your childhood friend, your parents, colleagues, or your mentor. 

A twin flame is meant to spend the whole eternity with you.

There is a myth that can often be found online that some of the people are not meant to be with their twin flame in this lifetime.

However, that is not true. Since choosing to be on this planet right now is a core choice between twin flames, your twin flame is or will be here with you too. I said “will be” because you might incarnate a few years before your twin flame. Or vice versa.

If you end up in a relationship with a soulmate, you would have to compromise yourself at some point because you don´t share the same core values.

That is often the case why some people marry a soulmate and end up divorced a few years or decades later. You can´t grow with them your whole life as they are meant to be in your life for a specific set of time.

Some people assume that it is easier to be with a soulmate vs. their true love, their twin flame. That is often the case for abandoning the twin flame journey altogether. 

One of the reasons for that could be that they don´t have the proper tools to be with their twin flame.

A twin flame is your perfect mirror. Therefore you need to use the mirror exercise to be in a relationship with them successfully. 

Everyone can be your mirror, but your twin flame shows you your consciousness, unlike any other person. 

That is the reason it can sometimes be very intense to be with them. People often choose to be with their soulmates because the connection is not as intense as with their twin flames.

However, the only thing they are lacking is the proper support. I would recommend everyone on a twin flame journey to have regular coaching sessions from a twin flame coach. A coach can teach you how to use a tool called the mirror exercise.

If you need more help on your twin flame journey, I would be happy to help you!

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