No matter if you are on your twin flame journey for decades, for a few months, or only for a few days- the fact is- you feel lost.
You miss your twin flame, you can´t stop thinking about them, you try to initiate contact, you go to the same places as they are going…
However, nothing is working. Every day you feel more and more lost. Your family does not understand, your co-workers are starting to think you are crazy, and your friends tell you to forget about this person.
Even though lots of time has passed since talking or seeing your twin flame, you keep thinking about them all the time. They are in your head 24/7. Never in your life has anyone been in your mind as much time as your twin flame. Whatever you do to stop thinking about them only feels like a short-lived distraction.
And then again, they pop up in your mind. You can work on your projects, you can have fun, you can be sad or happy…
Still, this silent obsession over them is quietly enrapturing your mind. You cannot stop thinking about how this person feels about you or if they have feelings for you at all. You also think you are the spiritually awakened twin and that your beloved one does not have a clue about this connection. You feel your twin flame is having fun on endless vacations with his romantic partners while you are in the pit of a depressive episode. On top of that, you feel constantly bombarded with signs and synchronicities that point to your beloved. Like you don´t have enough only from thinking about them- you have to be reminded of them in the external too. If you are reading this, you think there are phases to this journey. So you convinced yourself you are in the so-called “separation phase”. However, this conviction often serves you as an excuse for endless waiting for your twin flame to return home. You think the problem is on them and not you. Then you consult psychics or any other person instead of yourself and people specialized in this journey. You give your power away to the whims of other people´s advice. You also search for endless confirmations outside of yourself if this person is truly your twin flame. Why does he ignore me if he is my twin flame? Why is he not spending time with me if he loves me?- and similar questions just can´t escape your mind.
What I would suggest you instead of those obsessions, is to look at it for what it truly is. Since you and your twin flame are one, you share your consciousness, when you are thinking about them, you are thinking about yourself. You are obsessing over your own life. Your life is calling for attention. Everything you seek in them, you have to find within first. You expect your twin flame to fill this deep void inside of you, but this is not their job. True love is not about completing someone. Why?- because you are already whole. You are constantly on the lookout for easy fixes, for short-term solutions. Well, I have good and bad news for you- there are no shortcuts to your union. You have to heal and do your inner work. Only in that way can your obsession vanish. When you free yourself from the burdens of your wounds and pain, when your authentic self emerges, then you will be ready. Not sooner, not later. Healing- it is worth it.


    1. doublemyname

      Thank you for your comment. Chances are if you read this article, you probably need some help. If you wish you can book an intro session where I can help you more. & where you could share with me your story and feelings! 🙂 Best, Marta


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