Many twin flames think there are certain stages of the twin flame journey.
So, I can often hear people on their twin flame paths that they reached the surrender stage.
What do people who claim they have reached that stage think under that?
Often, they consider reaching that state when they had pushed away from thinking about their twin flame. Or when they started to ignore them because of the pain they think they caused them.
However, neither of it means you truly surrendered.
What does then surrendering actually mean?- you might ask yourself rightfully.
I struggled with understanding that term too, but from my long experience, I realized it all has to do with surrendering control.
By surrendering control, I mean you don´t try to make it happen or do God´s job in any way. You let things unfold naturally.
Therefore you have to have lots of patience and trust in the Universe.
I tried to make my union happen on many occasions.
I texted my twin flame when I was very needy and when the time was just not right.
I used to contact him out of control and not when I felt divinely inspired.
Unfortunately, often I would not receive any kind of a response but silence.
What happened as a result of that is that he only mirrored how I was ignoring myself.
I often advise my clients to reach out to their twin flames when they feel peaceful. However, it is not a big deal if you text them out of neediness or some other emotion.
Haven´t you just contradicted yourself?- you think.
Let me answer that for clarification. I encourage people to reach out when they feel the need to do so (out of any reason). Because they are just going to mirror back your consciousness to you.
And that is a gem and not something to be afraid of.

In my life, I am currently experiencing the closing of our family business where I worked for 6.5 years.
That requires lots of surrendering and trust in God.
I can´t control it because what is happening is way bigger than me.
I stay present with many feelings I am experiencing, receive regular support, and -surrender.
I trust that God has a good plan for me even though my reality is crumbling. I tried to control my work circumstances several months ago when I wanted to quit my job.
I was then advised to wait for a few months more and not quit it yet.
It would have been controlling for me if I quit my work then because the time was not right.
When the time is right, God will move mountains for you!
He will orchestrate your path.
He is the one who reunites you with your twin flame.
He gives you a job and a salary.
All you have to do is to take guided steps and not rush ahead of time. God has your back just as He has mine.
I will relax in knowing this, would you too?

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