How to heal wounds and traumas that prevent you from experiencing love?

Many people spend their lives not truly living because they feel out of touch with themselves. They feel numbed out, so they are barely going through the motions of their daily life. 

Most of the people who live like that are also often completely unaware that something is not quite right with that form of existence. They might ask themselves from time to time if there is more to life, and if they think there is, it often seems like something completely unachievable.

That is a numbed-out life or life without feeling your feelings. 

I also lived a life like this until I healed myself. 

For me, life without emotions felt like life without a sense of smell or scent. Living like that made me completely helpless. 

I did not know where to start to experience joy, sadness, delight, happiness or even anger. 

Throughout living without being connected to myself, I realized with the assistance of professionals that I had serious traumas in my life that made me so shut down. 

I was not aware of the consequences of some events I experienced. I knew they were traumatic and that I had lots of intrusive thinking about them. 

However, I had not realized that because of its effects, I started to feel emotionally disconnected. I had numerous traumas of which some stem from my childhood years. 

I often thought my childhood was really happy, without realizing how many wounds I carry from that period. 

Other traumas stem mostly from my adolescent years which many people call the best years of their lives. Well, those surely weren´t that for me. 

In my healing, I used the decree in which I chose to feel my feelings. Also, I used the mirror exercise. 

However, at one point, I could not go any deeper in resolving my disconnection. I thought there was no help for me. 

Soon after my desperation set in, I had a session with my coach that I regularly have to extend my services to my clients. You have to feel good and work on yourself so you can help others. My coach then suggested me to start one program that is designed for resolving traumas. In the program, through remembering your flashbacks, you get to the event that caused trauma and see it differently while feeling your feelings. 

I would recommend it to anyone who feels very shut down from their emotions because there is help for that. I am living proof. Since I completed the program, I am slowly allowing my emotions to come to the surface. I am gentle with myself, but sometimes it is hard to feel so much at once. 

I feel like I am entering the real world again after awakening from a bad dream. That often feels scary and challenging, but at the same time inviting. 

Lots of people who can´t feel their feelings also experienced multiple traumas in their life. They are often unaware of them. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder is often described as a form of anxiety experienced after being in a war, or after suffering from an illness. However, any form of a stressful event can cause it. From my experience, numbing out stems from those traumas. The good news is, it can be healed.

Everyone deserves to live their life trauma-free. You can feel life again.

There is hope, you just have to reach out for help. I am here for you if you need it.

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