Is there a test that can help me recognize my twin flame?

I am often asked the question from the title so let me share my thoughts with you.
As I previously stated in my articles, there is lots of misguiding and false twin flame information out there.
Many people believe you are not meant to be with your twin flame in this lifetime, or even that not everyone has a twin flame.

I would like to ask you a counter-question here- why do you think some people would be privileged to have their perfect partner and others would not?

Since you are reading this, I can assume you at least believe in twin flames and reunion with them.
In your search of the subject, you often get more and more confused.
There are just too many questions in your head.

Since this is mostly a spiritual journey each of us has to take, you don’t have many answers for your particular problems.

That is why you sometimes look for an easy way out.
In trying to understand where you are on your journey, there is one question that is often being asked.

The question is- how can I know for certain who my twin flame is?
You may turn to psychics and tarot readers for confirmation. I don’t say that something is wrong with that but would only encourage you to work with those you were being guided to.

You may also try out a so-called 72-hour test my title is about.
The 72-hour test is a test where you ask your guides to help with three signs to determine if someone is your twin flame.

I am not so keen on those tests because it is an oversimplification of the journey everyone has to take.
You may use the test for some simpler decisions in your life, but for something so important, I would not encourage it.
I know that you are struggling a lot with this question and you look for clear answers.

However, the revelation process of your twin flame always includes following your heart and guidance throughout most of your life.

In doing so, you would be getting signs that you have to relate to your journey.
My journey started in 2007 and my twin flame was confirmed to me in 2015. All that time I was being guided to continue on my path and have lots of faith in the outcome.

The 72 hours test simply can’t cover all the signs and synchronicities that would happen in a long period.
It would also make you believe what you currently believe about your partner because you probably want the person you are with now to be your twin flame.

To sum up: I would encourage you to follow your heart and have faith.
There are no simple solutions for a question that is so important.

Follow the path and the path would become clear to you. 🙂

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