If you are on a twin flame journey, it might often appear that you do all the hard work and wait for your twin flame to draw close to you while he enjoys life.
In my situation, that has been the case.

It has been five years since God revealed I would marry my twin flame.
At first, I assumed my union would happen if I wait for long enough.
After some waiting passed and nothing was happening, I started to research what can I do in the meantime until God brings us together.

Some people shared on their blogs that in situations like my woman are not meant to pursue men. Instead, men should approach us.
Because of that, I started pondering how can I spend this time while I am waiting for my tf to pursue me.
Few years before I got this confirmation, I dropped out of college and started working for my family’s business.
That helped me gain self-confidence: it made me realize I should get back to studying.
When you get confirmations as I did, a while may pass until its fulfillment.

I knew I had to appreciate that time I was having before my reunion so I re-entered college.
At that moment, I was still being so obsessed with my twin flame that it seemed like days were taking such a long time to pass. I was also constantly thinking about him.
Since things manifest in Divine order, I had assumed God wanted for some events to take place before I would be married.

While I was studying at the nursing school, I was simultaneously receiving twin flame coaching.
In one of my coaching sessions, it had revealed to me I should pursue a different career path than nursing.
I was very relieved to find out that I am supposed to become a twin flame coach.

I also realized that since my twin flame and I value having our careers settled before the reunion, my next step would be joining a coaching program.
The program was pretty intense, but I knew I would make it so I persisted and eventually became a coach.
I also attend church every Sunday and major holiday and pray to Saint Joseph, Mary, and the Holy Spirit daily.
I even took a cooking course and started volunteering!

The moral of the story is not to wait for your miracles but to actively participate in your life.
Become your hero because your twin flame is not going to save you from your demanding life.
Also, a lesson I learned is that waiting is not passive.
God wants you to have your union: maybe it is because you are not ready that you are delaying it.
Become who you are meant to be, be authentic, live your life- don’t wait, and it is yours to receive 🙂

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