When you are on your twin flame journey, you will most certainly sooner or later encounter problems in communication with your beloved.

They might stop responding to your texts, only read your messages or completely ignore you.
These situations often feel like the end of the world or at least the end of your relationship.
However, don’t be afraid that everything is lost because what you are encountering is not uncommon. It can also be resolved if you apply the right technique to it.

In twin flame relationships it often appears that normal relationship rules cannot be applied.
The reason for that is the following: you can’t play games with unconditional love that is between you. In ordinary relationships when someone ignores you for a couple of weeks, it indicates that they are probably wanting to end the relationship.

In twin flame dynamics, this lack of communication has a different meaning.
You might ask yourself what that means, so let me tell you.
If your twin flame ignores you, it is showing you that you are ignoring yourself in some way. How do I know it for certain, and why does that happen?

Well, it is because your twin flame is your perfect mirror who is only inviting you through his behavior to love yourself more.
It might appear like that is very unloving from your perspective, because why would ignoring someone be loving?
Here comes the step many of us ignore dealing with, and it is about recognizing what emotions our twin flames behavior invokes in us. How do we feel when we are ignored?

We might feel neglected, angry, or sad, and when we recognize how we truly feel, then we can apply the mirror exercise. I help people in my coaching sessions with that tool.
It helps you direct to a place in yourself when you experienced difficult emotions, and there you make a new choice to feel better.

Also, it is important to know that every communication with your twin flame has to have a purpose.
When you think it is the right time to connect with them, ask your heart is it the proper time to send them a message, try not to do it out of neediness, but from a place of peace. Don’t have expectations on how their response will look like because even lack of communications is here only to help you 🙂

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