what does letting go of my twin flame mean?

Yesterday was a day that couldn’t be better enjoyed than by reading some interesting books and drinking coffee while it is snowing.
Of course, the day wouldn’t have been entirely productive if I have not dedicated myself to my own healing in my weekly sessions.
In my weekly group coaching session that I started to attend every Sunday, I learned something very worthwhile.

It was talked about letting go of the person who does not reciprocate our feelings.
Occasionally we attach ourselves to a particular person when that person is not really God’s choice for us.
However, even in such case when we already know who is our perfect partner, our Twin Flame, we have to learn to let go.
For me personally, that was really hard, because I received a prophecy about my future marriage with a particular person.
Yesterday, in the coziness of my home, after my session, I was finally able to release my Twin Flame.
By releasing him, I meant I set myself (and my twin flame) free.
I stopped expecting to feel good in the future when we will end up together.
In releasing him, I stopped seeing him as a source of my happiness. I stopped idolizing him. I stopped seeing him as God.

There is a saying how to truly love, you need to let go of the person you have feelings towards. If they are yours, they will be back. If they don’t get back, they were not truly yours at all.
In some cases, letting go means moving forward from some person- and I assure you if that is the case, you will only receive something better than the first option.
In other cases, it means letting go of the neediness and of the expectations you put on someone.
That not only pressures yourself, but also your counterpart- the very object of your desires.
What I also learned while pondering on my feelings and relationships is that I still often numb out.
However, yesterday, I finally found out about something helpful.

If you are struggling with numbing out, try to make a shift in your consciousness from the outer world and thinking to the inner world and feeling.
You can just make a choice: „I choose to switch from thinking to feeling“. What can also help you is that you ask the Holy Spirit or angels for help in a small prayer after you connect with them and your heart.
Thank you for reading my Sunday afternoon ramblings written on a snowy afternoon Monday 🙂

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