how to have a relationship with your true twin flame?

Tue, Jan 5 at 3:15 PM

When I first received a prophecy about my future marriage, little did I know what expects me on my path to its fulfillment.

Yesterday I was reading an article about preparation for marriage where I found much valuable information.

It was mentioned that to marry you have to have a relationship with God first. 

That stuck with me because I never thought about it in my younger days. 

When I first met my twin flame in high school, I assumed that is it: we will be in a relationship and live happily ever after. 

I was thinking about my twin flame years and years after high school- he became my secret obsession.

When I deepened my relationship with God, I realized I was putting my twin flame on a pedestal the whole time. I was putting my twin flame in the first place in my love and heart. My twin flame was replacing God for me.

I assumed he will give me all the love that only God could give me. I wanted a relationship between my twin flame and myself so badly because I thought it would solve all my deepest longings and needs for love. 

Of course, no one except God can really provide you with that. It took me a few years of diligent spiritual work through coaching sessions and confessions to put God above my twin flame. 

I was actually making an idol out of relationships. 

I was mostly not feeling good so I thought the solution to my sufferings was being with my twin flame. 

Actually, the solution was always being with God, but because of my obsessions, I could not see it that way. 

I was also comparing myself a lot with people who were in relationships and thought how happy they must be. 

I thought they were joyful out of the reason they have someone special in their lives. 

However, I realized that not everything people depict on their social media accounts is really true. Most people present only the happiest moments and special occasions there.

Most of the marriages I was envious about, ended in separation eventually. 

I am single my whole life, yet I know what most people who date endlessly and have relationships want to know. 

I know who is my Godly- promised future spouse. 

To get to that point where God shares his secrets with you, you have to have a relationship with Him. Having a relationship with God means doing things He wants you to do at the right time, it means going in a direction where He leads you. It sometimes means you would have to go against the grain, but in the end- you will receive everything you dreamt of.

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