Prophetic marriages and a confirmation from god

Since it was revealed to me I would marry my twin flame, I had to work on many different areas of my life.

When I found out about our future marriage, I was so frightened. 

Every time I would leave my house, I would be scared of meeting him unexpectedly. 

That was because I always read stories about meeting someone special and most of these happened when you least expected them. 

I also read how you meet someone when you feel completely peaceful, and at that time, I was so far from feeling like that. 

I did not know how I could get to that state on my own.

After I received my prophecy, I did not know God would take me on a journey of preparing myself to become ready for it. 

At that time, I was reading one blog from a woman who also received God´s prophecy on her future marriage. 

She stated there that it was a man´s job to pursue a woman. 

She wrote on her blog how a woman should be patient and not stir romance ahead of the time. 

I resonated with her story, so I thought I would start preparing myself for my marriage so I would become ready for it.

Before, I had a habit of quitting every endeavor of mine like colleges, driving schools, leaving cities where I lived… 

However, I started to take responsibility for my life when I got that message from God. 

Upon it, I got back to my nursing school that I quit years before. I finally finished it this year. 

 I also took a cooking course. I got back to Church and I started to attend the mass every Sunday. 

I also became regular at having confessions. I started to pray to St. Joseph for my future marriage and my twin flame.

I invested in getting clear on my life purpose so I took training to become a twin flame coach. 

I finished that training after around 8-9 months, became certified, and started my own business. 

I also received lots of coaching and guidance from my coaches. 

I had to keep my faith strong in all those years because I am still not physically with my twin flame.

I know that things happen not in Divine timing because time does not exist but in Divine order.

Divine order means you have to become a vibrational match to manifest what you desire and that is usually a process.

Yesterday I was talking to my coach who invited me to release attachment to my twin flame.

I am sure who my twin flame is, but that got me a bit uncomfortable, to even think someone else can be that. It would feel like God lied to me about it. 

After our coaching session, I was sitting in the living room and reading about prophetic marriages.

In one instant, I asked my mother to open the window which she did.

A few minutes after, I heard a noise- something hit the window, so I got closer to see what happened.

One triangle used for maths fell onto my window out of nowhere.

I live on the first floor of a building so it is really unusual that this happened.

I took the triangle in my hands and the first thought that ran through my mind was that this is a sign from God.

Triangle can represent Trinity- union with God.

I looked for the spiritual meaning of a triangle, and most of it was about enlightenment and manifestation.

Another thing that struck my mind was that the measures on it went till number 9 which is a life path of me and my tf.

Number 9 also represents Spiritual laws. 

This could not be a better confirmation from God that I am on the right path 🙂

The confirmation happened unexpectedly just how I always thought my reunion with my twin flame would. 

One Comment

  1. voidspace144

    What if the triangle was a distraction from your releasing attachment to your twin flame as your coach suggested? 🙂
    (As I read it, this question came up – the answer is yours).


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