Importance of following your life purpose on a twin flame journey

I started my spiritual path when I was around 16 years old when I made a decision to change my life for the better.

That resulted in changing high school I previously attended.

Little did I know that I was starting my twin flame journey back then.

I decided to leave my former classmates and a crush I had among them.

The reason for such a drastic change was also that I was having lots of troubles in my school. Most of the teachers there weren’t really fond of me because of my rebellious behavior.

I was lacking discipline and motivation to study because there were no real role models for me in that school.

I was questioning constantly authorities and myself about the purpose of studying and hard work.

I was having bad grades and had I stayed there I would have probably failed my class.

In the new high school, I ended up in a class where everyone belonged to a small circle of friends which only perpetuated my loneliness.

However, there were also guys in that class who were close friends of my twin flame.

In the new school, I was really depressed, but I studied more and made a decision I would go to college. However, I was very confused about what I wanted to study.

I enrolled first in law school in my home town because most of my childhood friends were pursuing that path. Basically, I went to that college so I can hang out with my friends and gain some time to get clearer on my true desires.

Again, life had some different plans for me. During my first year of studying law, I became seriously ill and ended up in a hospital.

That hospital experience changed my life because it made me reconsider my current career path. Soon after getting out of the hospital, I started preparing myself for my medical school entrance exam- which was my new career choice.

The following year, I enrolled in medical school in a different town. Unfortunately, homesickness and my medical condition were stronger so I had to quit medical school.

I got back to my home town and felt I still had to go to college because there were no many job prospects for only a high school graduate.  

Eventually, I transitioned to nursing school which I finished in 2020. Even here, I had a break in my studies because I started studying copywriting/advertising in the middle of my nursing course.

I had lots of conflicts when I embarked on my pursuit of studying copywriting because of all these previous changes I already made.

However, I persisted and decided to move to a different country.

Now, I realize I started to follow my life purpose by making that drastic school/college change.

Also, it is more clear to me now that some of my careers like being a twin flame coach have not existed way back when I was first pondering about going to college. Hence, all that confusion: I was meant to be someone for whom education has not been available then.

At this current moment, I am a nurse, a writer, and a twin flame coach.

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