the Illusion of separation

If you are on your Twin Flame journey, you have probably, at one point in it, experienced separation from your beloved one.

They might have blocked you on social media or just plainly disappeared from your life.

When that happens, you start wondering what have you done wrong?

The answer is that they disappeared or ghosted you because you are trying to escape your own life and its duties, joys, and responsibilities. They are only mirroring what you are already doing with your own life.

You thought being with your Twin Flame would save you from the painful reality you are experiencing.

Your Twin Flame can only become a part of your life when you realise you are responsible for your own feelings, work, life purpose, healthy family connections, and friendships.

In a nutshell, you have to realize you are responsible for your own life.

Your Twin Flame won’t make you happy if you are not happy now, he won’t save you if you are not already saved.

Each of both of you has to come to the relationship from a place of wholeness. Only then can you reunite.

The other day I saw one interesting question in a twin flame group I am a member of.

The question was how can we easiest describe the illusion of separation.

I answered that question that that illusion is when you can’t see what is in front of your eyes.

It is when you can’t see your true Twin Flame and acknowledge you already have a relationship with him.

It is when you realize all the upsets you were experiencing in that relationship were merely illusions.

Your Twin Flame never abandoned you, they never ignored you, they never hurt you.

Separation is when you can’t see the truth of it.

You only experience painful upsets because you keep believing in a lie.

Confront it, heal it, and then you are set free.

You are set free for a real and divine relationship with your true Twin Flame.

Are you ready to end the illusion of separation and see the truth?

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