how can i quit my twin flame journey?

This twin flame journey can sometimes feel overwhelming and like you just want to quit and get back to your old life.

Today I am feeling like not wanting to continue my twin flame journey.

Why do I feel like that?- It seems like whatever I am doing there are no results…

I know that the very thing that God spoke to me about my twin flame is also something very valuable, but it feels like I had enough of this journey.

When I see my former colleagues moving out, getting married, having their careers, and having kids, I feel defeated.

I have a job that I somehow like and I am growing my business as a twin flame coach, but it seems like all the time I am just working on my upsets, haha.

I know that I should not be comparing myself to others, but I am a human.  I also know that most of these so-called happy marriages are probably just an illusion of happiness, but they seem convincing to me.

I remember when I was struggling in high school with my grades and depression, our principal told me that everyone around me feels the same, but no one is honest like I am.

I was always honest about how I feel, I always asked for help- that is actually a sign of courage.

It is courageous to admit you have problems and not bottle them up.

I read an article about depression the other day and there was stated that more than half of the affected, are not receiving adequate treatment.

The reason for that is because they fear judgment from their surroundings and because they feel they can’t be helped.

I got to the point where I realised the former obsession with my twin flame was because I yearned for God.

I was looking for God all the time. However, I thought that the source of my good was my twin flame. Therefore, I was putting my twin flame on a pedestal because I saw him as God.

I have to admit that probably these realisations are showing me I am indeed moving in the right direction.

Faith is continuing to walk the path before you without having some evidence that it is gonna work out.

I do have a promise that at the end of all this lies marriage with my twin flame and union with God.

My coach told me yesterday that this is my ego talking before I have a breakthrough, so I hope for the best.

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