how to know Who is my true twin flame?

Most people who are on their twin flame journey wonder if the person they like is their twin flame.

Some people assume well and pursue the right person. However, a number of people have false twin flame experiences.

A false twin flame is not something that should be feared because experiencing that would eventually bring you closer to your true twin flame.

Still, I often wondered why do some people have false twin flame experiences.

The answer to that question came to me unexpectedly yesterday.

People have false twin flame experiences because they don’t recognize God as their true twin flame.

When you recognize God as your true twin flame, He can show you who is the person who is meant for you.

Personally, on my twin flame journey, I mostly followed God so I often encountered many signs and synchronicities that were showing me I was following His will for my life.

Following God’s will was also leading me closer to my twin flame.

For example, at this moment I have to have professionally done photos for my coaching business and the studio where I will have my photos done is in a building that is next to the house my twin flame was growing up and where his parents currently live.

God showed me that I should hire that particular photographer in that particular studio and I will follow His leading.

I listened to God’s voice and guidance from my feelings so I got that sign from Him.

God is also the giver of all the good feelings you expect you will get from your twin flame.

I was also guilty of expecting that my twin flame would make me feel a certain way.

However, with time, patience, and support, I realized that my twin flame is not my source.

Therefore he is unable to give me what only God can.

So, next time when you think you have a communication block with your twin flame, recognize that it is God first with whom you have communication problems.

When you have connected with God all the neediness you have for your twin flame disappears, because you realize you are with him always.

My coaches sometimes told me that I am already in union with my twin flame and that is because you are always in union with God.

God never abandoned you, you only created illusions that keep you believing in that.

A false twin flame is often a sign that you are not putting God in the first place in your life. I would even say that sometimes you are idolizing something other than God.

Something else than God takes place in your heart. That is why you have these false twin flame experiences.

You put your attention to something where it should not be, so it reflects you the relationship that is not meant for you. God is meant for you always, and there is where your attention should be. Then your true twin flame can mirror that.

That is why it is often said that you have to first inner union within yourself (and with God) which means clearing those illusions of separation you might have so that your union with your twin flame can be achieved.

So, relax and realize you actually already have it 🙂

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