when will i reunite with my twin flame?

Ever since the day God confirmed me who my TF was, I kept wondering when are we finally going to reunite.

When God confirmed my TF, He told me we would marry and that it would be the most wonderful feeling in the world. The feeling of love.

I read in some books that when God uses the word „will“ in His prophecy, it means the promised event will happen if we listen to His guidance.

Following that revelation, at first, I was feeling very anxious because I thought I was not ready to reunite with him. I was even scared to leave my house because I thought I would stumble upon my TF somewhere on the street.

I was constantly imagining scenarios for our potential meeting. I did not know why was I so afraid, but soon I found out that was because my biggest block was the fear of love. I was afraid of seeing my TF because I was scared to see myself in him.

Yesterday when I was buying some groceries, I saw a young man that resembled my TF in appearance. That same instant I started to ask myself what if that was really him. I slightly distanced myself from that young man to observe him more and realised it was not my TF. I was relieved and glad that it was not because I felt I was not ready for our meeting.

For the last 4 years since the revelation, I was constantly asking myself when would we reunite. I was very impatient and wanted to know all the details of our reunion. However, I realized yesterday that maybe we haven’t met because I am not yet at that point when that would be most compassionate from God.

I still ask myself that dreaded when, but now I know it is going to be just at the right time.

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