have i met a false twin flame or a true one?

There is much to acquire knowledge about in this twin flame world.

Most twin flames learn through their own experiences, some through listening to other twins’ stories, some from investing in more robust programs and coaching. 

Others, more unfortunate ones, learn through much misleading information that is presented to them. (I would not advise listening to self-claimed experts in this field).

On this journey, you learn more about yourself, about your wounds and blind spots, about characteristics of the phases you go through, about unconditional love…

Twin flames world has its own terminology.  

When I discovered more and more of it, I learned about ego, upsets, blocks, separation, reunion, false twin flames…

Today I want to write a bit about the false twin flame experience.

Even though I had not experienced it myself there are many on this sacred path who ended up believing someone else than their true love, was actually their true twin flame.

A false twin flame is a person who is not meant to be your perfect partner and lover. However, I think false twin flame can partly be your teacher because he shows you what are you actually looking for. When you experience the contrast with this kind of partner, it is much easier to recognize a true gem in front of you.

False twin flame usually serves as a catalyst for meeting your true twin flame. 

If you get to know your false twin flame more deeply, you will realise that your core values don´t quite align. Some people have several false twin flame experiences, some have one and there is one smaller percentage of people who have none. 

I personally have avoided a false twin flame experience by not entering in a relationship that was presented to me before I met my TF. The man whom I could date back then was intelligent, funny, handsome, but was lacking potential for spiritual growth.

In those days, I made a decision that I would only be with a man who has it all. That was really courageous at that time because then I was only 16 years old. Everyone else around me was in relationships so my choice went upstream. 

The moral of my story is that you should take risks in your life. The moment I decided I would not date that guy who was not spiritually growing, I did not know my tf. I had not heard about tf then, so that choice was made out of pure faith and “I want it all” attitude. The thing is you have to believe in the unseen before you have some proof that your very special someone exists, but I promise you he does. 

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