Little Update Before I Have My Dreams Turn Into Reality

I still love my twin flame, I still do my inner work, and- I still initiate contact with my tf.

The last time we exchanged only 2 -3 Facebook messages- I asked him whether he is still an atheist as he told me that in a few of our interactions almost 10 years ago. 

He answered me that he doesn´t know it and why did I ask. 

I told him that I asked him that because I think atheists are only people who are mad at God. 

As I spoke to my tf coach, she told me that I presented my tf with his upset- because that´s what twin flames do!

Also, I solved the vibrational frequency quiz- the one I have written about a few months before. 

Apparently, I made great progress- now I am past neutrality, willingness, and acceptance- I am at the reason stage. The next stage is L-O-V-E 🙂

Although I am a Christian and this bothers me a little since I don´t know if this is sinful or not- I contacted one of the tf and soulmate experts.

Lady whose surname means in translation -a woman of grace told me that I can expect my tf to contact me anytime in a time span until February.

I am in one Facebook group about the law of attraction where a funny thing happened to me the other day.

There was a post about what are we going to manifest this month (November) and one lady who is in no way connected to me tagged me to it. I thanked her and wrote her back that I was about to manifest my tf union ❤

Coincidence or not- the woman who tagged me is also a psychic…

I also finally understood the term “divine timing”- for me, it means that things happen when you make choices, do the inner work, raise your vibration and, co create with God.

So, dear God- let´s become creative- it is about a time for my manifestation to come true. I am ready.

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