how to choose our marriage partner?

Today I will write about the topic of marriage- is it a Divine or human institution, so keep reading. 

A while ago I read that Pope said that most Christian marriages are invalid. 

I dove deeper into the subject and came to agreement with him.

Most people don´t have stories as unique as mine where God told them who they are going to marry before even dating that person. 

I think that is because most people don´t consult God on that topic since they think He is not involved in the whole process.

To back up my story, I´ll share with you what happened not while ago in my homeland.

In recent days one TV host in Croatia got divorced, so I googled about her past wedding and found out that she got married in Church only 3 years ago. 

I will share some insights about marriage that I got from my own research and personal experience.

When I was reading other people´s experiences about God telling them who to marry, I ended up on one Christian forum. 

One forum member said that most marriages are human marriages- he meant that two people decide whom they will marry and then let God bless them in Sacramental marriage in Church. 

That is obviously not a way to go, as we might conclude from divorce of the before-mentioned celebrity. 

I am almost certain that she didn´t get any supernatural confirmation from God because if she did, God would have helped her in her marriage.

Marriage is a 3 bond relationship- the one between God, man and woman. 

In order for your marriage to resemble true Sacrament, God should confirm your future partner. 

For marriage to be valid, you would have to come to Church before God with a deep knowing that you are in alignment with God and your partner.

Marriage is an institution that was invented by our Creator, so He unites two people with Him- in a covenant.

I learned from my twin flame coach that my relationships with my tf or lack of it, resembles my relationship with God. 

My twin flame actually shows me how I connect with God- when I am connected with God, it is the same as if I were with my twin flame.

Before God told me who my spouse would be, I too thought that marriage is a human invention. You know the story- two people meet, date for some time, get married, have kids and so on. I thought that there was just the couple´s decision- which for most marriages it is, but we believe in supernatural, don´t we?

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