If My Vibrational Scale Score Was A Country, It would Be Switzerland (Neutral)

Today I solved a quiz about my vibrational frequency, and it showed me that I am somewhere in the middle on the scale (neutrality).  

The lowest points are shame, guilt, and apathy and the highest points are love, joy, peace and enlightement.

I hoped I would be higher on the scale because I did a lot of healing work in the last few months, but it seems to me that there is still a lot of work ahead of me. 

Twin flame union happens when you reach the level of unconditional love, so I have to be higher in my emotional state.

At the beginning of the journey, I dealt with very difficult emotions like depression, emptiness, fear, and apathy.

I was very lost when I first embarked on this journey and it took me around 8 years to realise what this is all about.

I first realized who my twin flame was when I stumbled upon an article which discussed signs of a true soulmate.

I didn´t even know all this soulmate, karmic partners, and twin flame terminology.

Also, little did I know about what would the process on my way to my twin flame be like. 

In high school when I had my first crushes, I thought that relationships are formed quite easily- you just meet someone you like and spend time with him, get to know him, and eventually marry.

Apart from solving this quiz, I learned today that my previous obsession about my twin flame was actually pinpointing me to places within myself that needed healing.

I used to obsess a lot abut my twin flame- I would get up in the morning with thoughts of him and go to sleep with him as my final thought of the day. 

I was always thinking about him, yet these thoughts were about myself.

I also have some habits that I need to drop if I would like to get better results on vibrational scale.

When I dealt with depression in the past, one of my ways of coping was reading other people´s experiences about their illness and relationships.

I would mostly always concentrate on negative aspects of their experiences since it made me feel better about myself. 

I still have this form of habit up to this day and I wish I could break it, because it keeps me in a negative state of mind.

On one hand, as I am observing other people´s relationships, I am not sure how many of them had to deal with all of these trials, because everyone seems so happy. On the other hand, many appear happy on the outside, yet they could be the people who lament about their unhappiness- you never know.

I firmly decide I would concentrate more on bettering myself and let other people do the same- that is how we can reach love and abundance

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