10 answers to burning twin flame questions

What are twin flames?

A twin flame is your perfect partner to whom you are married by God.

Where do twin flames meet?

Twin flames could meet anywhere in the whole world.
In order to meet your twin flame, follow your inner guidance, and look out for signs and synchronicities because they lead you to your twin flame.

How twin flames mirror each other?

Your twin flame will mirror to you those parts of yourself (your feelings, desires) which are not in alignment with God´s truth.

What are twin flames signs?

Signs that you met your twin flame are:

-instant connection when you meet him/her, feelings of inner knowing that you met someone special
-signs and synchronicities throughout your whole journey
-having many things in common with your twin flame, especially core values
-always thinking about your twin flame, even if you haven´t seen him for a long period of time
-thinking/realising he is your perfect partner

When twin flames give up…

You can never give up on your twin flame because he is you. In order to give up on your twin flame, you would have to give up on yourself.
By giving up you probably mean to surrender to God which is just part of the journey.

For how long are twin flames separated?

Timespan of separation between twin flames may vary from a couple of months to many years and decades. Every journey is unique, so it is not wise to compare your time span to that of other tf.

However, it is important to know that you can heal your separation from your beloved with the mirror exercise. The truth is that separation from your twin flame is only an illusion. You are never truly separate.

Why do twin flames meet after “marriage”?

Your twin flame may be married to their karmic partner before you meet them. They are married to them because that partner helps them to find out that their truest desire is their twin flame.

How do twin flames reunite?

Twin flames reunite by doing their inner work of healing their wounds, healing separation consciousness, and becoming the best version of themselves. In this hard work of self-improvement, you come to the point when you are happy on your own, even without your twin flame. When that happens, you reaching an inner union which will result in the reunion with your beloved tf.

How will I know he/she is my twin flame?

You can know for sure if you ask God for confirmation, He´ll gladly give that to you.

Will twin flames end up together?

This is a common question asked in the midst of your tf experience when you just want to connect with your tf. Twin flames end up together. You just have to make a choice to reunite with them and follow the guided steps  🙂

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