My Journey Of Becoming Someone In Everyone´s World

When I was a kid, I used to play a lot with Barbie dolls- I even crafted clothes out of toilet paper for them, drew fruit and vegetables and cut it from the paper in small size. I also made beds, curtains, pillows and chairs for my dolls.
Every Summer I would spend around 3 months only in my creative plays which brought to me my first wish about who I would like to become in adulthood.
When I was around 11 years old, my dream was to become an owner of chain of supermarkets 😛 That seemed to me like quite a realistic idea!
When I was filling other classmates´ scrapbooks, I would write that there were too many ideas for me what to do as an adult.
Yet, when there was a time to discern my choice of studies at college, I was overwhelmed by possibilities and thought that every choice I made would make me stuck in it forever.
I first enrolled to law school because most of my friends did it too and I just wanted to have good company.
On my first year at law school, I ended up in hospital, diagnosed with one severe illness. During my stay in hospital, one of the doctors mentioned to me that I could study medicine. So I enrolled to medical school the year after, when I partially recovered. I sincerely thought I would become a doctor, but my illness was stronger than myself and my perceived path, so I dropped out of the program 1.5 years after.
Every time I was spending time in hospitals, I would observe nurses and their encounters with patients. Soon new idea was born out of my failures and observations- I would transfer to nursing school.
Once again I relocated to different town to start my studies.
The nursing program was intense, I spent lots of time in hospital- although this time not as a patient.
I had such a low self esteem that I was afraid of most of my responsibilities at my practice in hospital.
This time, I started seeing a psychologist and she asked me do I have any idea of what I would like to be doing with my life.
I was always good in puns and I was a creative type, so we soon realised I should apply to copywriting program. (I dropped out of nursing program)
I just so love writing 🙂
I studied copywriting for a couple of months- when I realised I don´t like advertising. I just wanted to write!

Fast forward to now- I am 2 exams far from my nursing diploma.
Also, since I discovered I´d marry my twin flame, and after speaking to my tf coach- we concluded I could get my sense of purpose from there.
My coach asked me what I think my purpose was- I answered to her that it is connecting people through writing.

So here I am, on my love journey- sharing and hopefully- connecting ❤

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