I Am Catching Him While He Can´t

I often asked myself the question of whether it´s ok to contact my tf or not. 

I viewed my interactions with my tf, even though they are still mostly online, as the interactions in “normal” relationships- the ones that the majority of people have.

In the world of relationships, there are many games played- play hard to get, let him initiate, you should not contact him first, and so on.

My tf relationship feels like I have to put away everything I learned about them and start from scratch.

On one hand, it is hard when you realise that some other couple´s advice may not work for your particular situation.

On the other hand, it is powerful and liberating to know that you can create your love story by listening to yourself and your inner guidance.

At the moment I wrestle with the thought should I let my tf to pursue me because I read some Christian blogs and there it was stated that it is a man´s job to pursue. 

At the same time, I read some Christian blogs that resonated more with me where there was written that man should never do the pursuing (Christ never pursued us, but he invited us to follow him).

While researching the topic of pursuit, I stumbled upon a web site about the Holy Spirit. There they talked about relationships with other people who follow Holy Spirit´s guidance. 

They weren´t only talking about relationships, but about every aspect of our life- how we should be led by God to become actively involved in something.

Then I realised that the whole power is within me, although it sometimes feel like I am not doing things in the correct way.

So, on Saturday I told my twin flame that I like him (just a note- it took me 12 years of not seeing him, to tell him that through facebook message).

I have been inviting him for a few years to go out with me and I told him that day that it´s kind of stupid for me to continue with my invitations since he´s always busy. He responded that he really is busy and doesn´t have lots of time and that he is sorry.

He is a medical doctor on his residency in infectious diseases so I told him that I hope I´ll get malaria so that I would see him as his patient (when nothing else works)…

Now I am waiting for his response and secretly wishing he was more involved in my pursuit of him 😛

P.S. I also realised how it is messy and unpredictable to try to connect with someone you like…

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