would you like to know more about my twin flame story?

Most people have a simplistic view of relationships.

In their minds the story goes this way- boy meets girl, they date and if they like each other- they marry.

If you are on your twin flame journey, you know how far more complicated relationships really are.

It all begins in unexpected circumstances. 

You make eye contact with your twin flame, find their voice soothing, and shortly after -can´t stop thinking about him.

From the moment you set your eyes on him, he seems so familiar, like your life and his share the same experiences.

When you look into his eyes, you see yourself. Same mannerisms, sense of humor, quirks…

You even may resemble each other in physical appearance.

My TF and I went to the same high school and we lived in the same part of the town.

Every time I went out, I hoped I´d see him somewhere around. 

I even went out to some places where he hangs out only to be close to him.

What a joy those few minutes of our interaction were- and often we´d only say hi to each other.

When we had our prom night, I wanted to make a move on my TF- some of my girlfriends encouraged me to do it.

I didn´t have the courage, so another girl from the school made a move and spent the rest of the night kissing with my TF.

I was so sad when I saw them together, but was even more devastated when I thought I´d never see my TF after that night.

One of my acquaintances made a remark about how my TF and I would probably never see each other after it.

What a lie I believed then! If I knew about twin flames- I would not spend mourning my crush on him.

A few years later, I stumbled upon an article about twin flames where signs of how to recognise yours were mentioned.

Suddenly it all made sense to me- my high school crush is the one for me, we are meant to be together!

After that realisation, I starter reading more and more about twin flames and soulmates.

I recognised all the signs and synchronicities that were part of my journey and that were leading me to him.

I contacted my TF soon after, but he was so short in response that I thought he was not interested in me. 

Probably he was just cautious because he still didn´t know about all the stuff I read about.

To this day, I still read about twin flames, but now I know who is mine.

I also know that he´ll find out the same, just in his time.

So let love be 🙂

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