do Other People´s Expectations Matter?

I have one dear friend who always asks me about my relationship status.

Every time I tell her that I am (still) single, she suddenly starts to comment on other men around us.

She starts to search for a boyfriend or a partner for me. 

Then every man on the street or in our circle of friends becomes a potential relationship material.

I know she is well-meaning, but what I don´t understand is why she pressures me so much to find someone.

I told her that I already know who my future husband will be and that I just can´t see myself with anyone but my TF.

Still, she continues her search or she at least asks me why am I then not in a relationship with that perfect man of mine.

I try to explain to her that it is not a time for that yet, but that my TF holds a special place in my heart.

When the time comes- when the Divine timing sets in, we´ll be together- no sooner, no later.

My friend always has some imaginary scenarios about how I should contact my TF.

I often just dismiss those stories because I know that I can´t approach my future relationships with her thinking.

She had her way in her relationship, she acts in it how she thinks she should, she deals with her partner the best she knows.

I never told her how I think she should be dealing with her boyfriend, now her husband.

Because of that, I don´t understand why does she think she knows better than I about my relationships?

This was just an example from someone who is really close to me, but I encounter those types of comments on a daily basis.

My coworker tries to set me up with someone she thinks would be perfect for me.

Clients at my job regularly ask me about my single status and often add that it´s already time for me to get married.

Just because I don´t have a boyfriend when others think I should, makes them think something is wrong with me.

They don´t quite get it that everyone has his own love story.

People who are most unhappy in their relationships are the ones who tried to be in one because of the societal pressures.

I know my love story is more worth it than someone´s expectations or imagination about how it should happen.

Others don´t need to pressure me or try to find someone for me- I already know who I love.

I know my love story will override all of my or other people´s imagination when it happens.

I don´t need to rush it, it will just happen and it will be- perfect 😉

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