Cross The Line That Doesn´t Even Exist

I am single my whole life. I had crushes throughout my school years, yet I remained single.

All of that time, I watched my friends enter and leave relationships- I saw them when they were happy, confused, crushed, or angry because of their love life.

I always knew intuitively how other people´s relationships should ideally be, so I didn´t want to experiment with them as my peers did.

I sometimes make a joke that I am the most experienced person in relationships among my social circle and yet I am still single.

In high school, though, I had one serious crush on one guy from the school. 

I even ended up intoxicated with alcohol the night we met and ended in a hospital because of it. That happened in different country from where I live- in Prague. 

That “too much drinks” story happened because I didn´t have the courage to talk to a guy who I liked 😛

After that night, he sent me a message asking me how I was so we kept texting days and weeks after even though he had a girlfriend.

We even spent 2 weeks hanging out together during our Summer holidays, but more on a friendship basis because he didn´t want to leave his girlfriend.

This boy from my school was handsome, charming, intelligent, but I thought I can have all of that in a guy and also one bonus point- spirituality. 

I wanted a guy who had a spiritual relationship with God.

I soon realised there aren´t guys like this in my school so because of my search for an ideal lover and because I somehow outgrew my class(mates)- I changed my school.

That change was such a difficult transition because it happened when I was 16- in the most delicate years.

I had to adjust to new teachers, classmates, location- which I never quite did so I looked forward to the end of the whole secondary education of mine…

In this new beginnings, during our school trip to Prague with the new school- the same city where I had too much drinks with my first serious crush, I saw- him.

In Prague I met my twin flame- this time he was drunk 😛

I was sitting on the floor of one hotel room because some of my friends were sitting on the chairs already and my tf just appeared near me.

He was wearing sunglasses and I found a blush and brush on the floor and I started to apply make up on him, while he was trying to resist it.

While we were on a bus ride through Prague, my tf told me he´d marry me one day- I responded him that I would never marry him.

Fast forwars 11 years- now I know I´ll marry him, but he has to come to the same conclusion…( I hope he´ll remember what he told me back then)

All those years he holds a special place in my heart and I now that I hold that place in his.

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