Why Do I Sometimes Feel So Low On My Twin Flame Journey?

When I met my twin flame at around age 17, I was feeling very depressed and those feelings persisted until I found out he is my TF.

It was hard at the beginning when my TF had girlfriends or when I studied abroad not knowing I´ll ever return to my homeland and be with him.

My journey was full of trials and errors, growth and stagnation, low and high feelings.

I think the most difficult part of every TF journey is that uncertainty about whether he really is your twin flame and will you reunite eventually.

On your journey, you might become depressed, anxious, frightened, you may lose your hope and positive outlook on life.

Some call that unpleasant passage a dark night of the soul which is the time when you eagerly search for the meaning.

What to do while you are in the depths of depression?- I will answer this question by quoting Winston Churchill when he was talking about his depression (or black dog as he called it). 

He said that if you are going through hell you should just keep going.

At the end of that search you will find hope, happiness, joy, yourself, God, and finally your twin flame, so just keep up.

When all of the darkness passes, you will realise how meaningful, yet difficult all of those hardships were.

I also felt very detached from myself and from my environment. 

When I found my way back to God, I realised that I was actually separated from him, thus my feelings of disconnection from my surroundings and myself.

I also realised that every hardship, unpleasant feeling, and difficult situation were only trials so that I could gain more faith in the process.

At one point in my journey I became seriously ill, at other, I moved to a different country, changed colleges, and got one terrible job experience. 

On one hand, some of my choices for which I hold great hope turned into disasters. 

On the other hand, some unexpected experiences led me to great opportunities. 

For example, when I found out my TF is cohabiting with his girlfriend, I was devastated.

Eventually, I read that men view cohabitation differently than women, that for them that is only a test to decide if the relationship should go further. 

When I was devastated about his living situation, I was viewing it from my standpoint and not his.

By that, I realised that low feelings arise from my sometimes faulty interpretations of situations or reality so I started viewing things as more neutral.

Even though I am still not in union with my TF, I view my current situation as ideal because I know I´ll be with him soon.

After all, at the end of the tunnel is light and- your twin flame 🙂

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