Why Is my twin flame Not Contacting Me?

You know he is your twin flame, and you desperately want to communicate with him.

Perhaps you haven´t seen him in a while, so you try to add him on social media, initiate contact, like his posts, but he just remains silent…

It is so frustrating on your twin flame journey not to hear from your beloved one.

I experienced this on my journey too. I initiated contact with my twin flame through Facebook multiple times.

Although at first, I got some kind of awkward and short response, he´d always just stop answering my messages.

I read a lot about male psychology, and it seems like men are short in their answers. 

Still, it was strange to me that after some time he just disappeared.

In this phase of my journey, he also never initiates contact.

So I stopped trying. I stopped pressuring him and expecting him to do things the way I´d like.

I also realized that my TF is mirroring some beliefs I hold about myself.

He doesn´t contact me so that I could spend more time with myself: learning, growing, writing, relaxing 🙂

There is one interesting expression in psychology about a rubber band. 

You should let your man stretch his side of it, let him go, knowing that he´ll return eventually.

If he´s your TF, you can rest assured that he´ll be back.

He is not answering my messages because I stepped too much in male energy.

There is female and male energy. One is receptive, and the other is active.

Males should be the ones who initiate contact, and women should respond.

Give him this chance, and you won´t regret it.

Every time you pressure him, he pulls away.

The reason for this is that he doesn´t feel like you should be chasing him- he starts to think you are needy.

He also has some fears of him not being good enough for you, that you hold some idealized picture of him in your mind.

Don´t put him on a pedestal. He is equally important as you are. 

You and him, you share the same core. 

You were created from the same Spirit, which means even though you aren´t communicating in a 3D world, you can hear his thoughts every time, everywhere.

So, just relax, when it is time, and when you stop adding too much thought to lack of your 3D contact, then he might surprise you.

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