ARE YOU waiting on your twin flame to come back?

Everyone who is on his twin flame journey will at one point find himself waiting for the big reunion with their beloved to happen. 

Often there is a discrepancy between knowing who your twin flame is and being in a relationship with him/her, so in the meantime, you will have to- wait.

Although you will find yourself in the waiting phase, that phase should entail everything but wait.

If you are currently in that limbo when you know who is your twin flame, but you are separated, you may ask yourself what to before your reunion happens.

Before you reach your reunion, you should already become who you are meant to be. That is the biggest paradox of twin flame relationships because in order to achieve union you have to be a whole person on your own.

For some, that means finishing education, for others getting a job or buying an apartment.

In order to find out what to do next on your journey of becoming your best self, you will probably explore lots of different things.

You may relocate to different countries, change colleges, make some unexpected career changes, live with roommates…

On that path, you will encounter many people who are going to give you unsolicited advice about what you should be doing with your life.

Some of those people will be well-meaning and some not so, but this is your path and you should listen only to your inner voice.

Most people don´t even know what to do with their own life, and still feel entitled to tell you what to do with yours.

They will pressure you to finish college you don´t really like only to stay on the safe road.

They will constantly try to set you up with a partner who they think would be perfect for you.

They would tell you what job and career are best for you.

In a nutshell, people will project their fantasies of who they think you are on you.

When they try to do this, you have to stand firm and stand up for yourself. This is your life, not theirs.

Sometimes you will feel lost and think that listening to others is the way out. 

It is the easy way, but on that path you won´t find happiness which actually makes it the hard way in the long term.

Always stay true to yourself because people will come and go, but you are forever.

Don´t plan too much ahead though, let life surprise you sometimes, you might change the course of your life while on your twin flame journey.

Also don´t feel afraid that some choices might separate you from your beloved, because you choose as one since you are twin flames.

Truth to be told, if you are meant to be together, all of your choices would lead you to each other.

You also don´t have to stress too much about how the reunion is going to happen or when it´s going to happen. 

Don´t be afraid you won´t be ready for it. Don´t assume you have to go somewhere specifically to meet your twin flame. Don´t try to manipulate your love story.

Everything is going to be perfect and beyond. Watch how the story unfolds. Your romance will happen and you will be swept away 🙂

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