Read this blog post if you are in the process of recognizing/revealing your Twin Flame or if you think you already know who they are.

If you had met someone and instantly felt a deep connection with them- that could be one of the first signs there is something to explore with this person.

However, you might ask yourself if they felt the same when you met.

Often, in the instant you lock eyes with your true Twin Flame, some form of magical recognition happens.

Both Twin Flames feel that on a soul level when they meet for the first time.

When I looked into my Twin Flame´s eyes in one of our initial meetings, I felt like I was looking into my own soul.

As I shared above: a good number of Twin Flames recognize each other instantly, so what makes them doubt that awareness?

Often, after the initial meeting, some doubt, if this is really someone different, sneaks in.

That is when frequently, a phase of separation happens.

However, even in that “separation” phase, twins experience signs and syncs confirming their initial knowing.

From my point of view, both Twin Flames feel the same spark when they meet, but it can take some time to put it into words.

I was experiencing many signs along the way that showed me I was on the right path.

But it took me almost 8 years to receive the final confirmation from the Universe/God that he was indeed my ultimate lover.

In that process, I would ask myself, does my TF feel the same as I did?

I was always reading about the signs of how to recognize if a man likes you or not.

I even sent my question to some dating page where I asked if my TF liked me because he did not want to meet with me.

I got the completely wrong answer about how he does not like me because he would have asked me out if he did.

Many people who are not on this journey will give you love advice based on a soulmate relationship experience, just like this relationship “expert”.

But let´s go back to the theme of this post…

Your twin flame does know from the time you met you were someone special to them.

But at the same time, they put you on a pedestal and think you are entirely unreachable to them.

Or they seek you in other people to confirm there is no one else like you.

That is why they might explore some other relationship than the one with you.

All of that might seem like they are distancing themselves from you and that they are certainly not feeling the connection!

It´s essential to acknowledge those situations as mere illusions because you know the truth of your relationship deep down in your heart.

And rest assured, so does your twin flame know it. 

Even though it might seem they are not accepting you because of your external reality, you are still One with them.

Some people doubt whether their TF recognizes them because they don´t use the Twin Flame terminology.

Personally, I began my journey thinking my Twin Flame was my soulmate.

I only heard about soulmates as a template for a relationship back then.

It could also seem to you that your TF is clueless about you because of the blocks you are experiencing.

Even though everyone would say they would like to be in a relationship as soon as possible if they got the chance, many people are scared of love.

My biggest block to Harmonious Twin Flame Union is exactly a big fear of love.

That is why I was numbed out for such a long time- I feared God´s love because my ego convinced me it was scary.

If you believe your Twin Flame does not recognize you, you might also think they are the unawakened ones.

Since you are One and make the same choices and mirror each other- that is impossible.

Both Twin Flames are equally aware of the connection, and both of them are equally awakened. 

Just because you recognize them as your TF, but are not in a relationship yet, does not mean they are unaware of you.

Your Twin Flame thinks of you just as much as you ponder of them.

They desire a relationship with you. They wish to be married to you and build a life with you.

And, the answer to the beginning question is: yes, your Twin Flame knows you are the One for them!

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